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   A Palette of Assorted Passion!

The Artist

Lisa Roche searches for depth of soul in all that is around her, and finds it most often in the face of another, which in her words is “the reason she is so drawn towards portraits”.  In addition to oil portraiture, Lisa is known for her rich, vibrant paintings, predominantly depicting a wide range of subjects, always focusing on the human element.

"They have a bold, fun, uninhibited quality to them like strong drinks, candies and desserts, and some mystery in there too."  - Marshall Vandruff, Nationally Acclaimed Illustrator & Art Professor, 2008.

"Lisa is a rare example of a true creative who balances both hemispheres...left and right brain...with amazing aplomb. Her talents are superlative, with a discriminating eye for the beautiful in all of her subject matters. She is a joy to work with, and I thoroughly endorse her skills to anyone considering hiring this inspirational artist." Adam Rowe, CEO, eRowe Designs, 2008

Collectors of her work proudly display their love of life and color!

Lisa is an award winning artist, residing in Carlsbad, California and has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions in the Southwest and Northern California. Her paintings are found in private collections throughout the United States and can be seen at her web site, http://www.gypsycreations.com
Lisa is also delighted to fulfill commission requests, including portraits in oil. She can be contacted via email (lisa@gypsycreations.com) or phone (760.889.2782).

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