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A Palette of Assorted Passion!
Privacy Statement

General Introduction
Gypsy Creations places great value in both the privacy of its company and of its clients. In order to conduct business in this increasingly electronic economy, however, the collection of personal information is often essential and desirable. Gypsy Creations wants you to get the most out of this web site, and to trust that we will make every effort to honor your privacy and protect your confidentiality. Personal information is either requested or required in some areas of our web site to verify your identity and ensure that you are eligible to access particular sections of the site. The amount and type of information received depends on how you use our web site. Additionally, Gypsy Creations will balance the benefits of proactively providing information that will likely be relevant to the user with the right of individuals to prevent the misuse of their personal information. Any personal and user identifiable information you submit to Gypsy Creations will remain internal to Gypsy Creations, and is absolutely not shared in part or in whole with third parties.

Please take a moment to review Gypsy Creation's complete Privacy Statement to understand how information is used and the specific measures Gypsy Creations takes to protect your personal information. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy on our web site, please contact Gypsy Creations regarding your questions or concerns.

Collection of Non-Personally Identifiable Information
Anyone can visit Gypsy Creations.com to access the company, product, and service information without revealing any personal information. During such a normal web site visit, the only data Gypsy Creations may collect and store is typical, industry-standard web server log data. Such data would only provide Gypsy Creation with statistical site activity, as a whole. This information is aggregate in nature, in that it does not identify any one specific user. In this instance, no personal information or user identifiable information is collected. This generic, aggregate information may be shared with third parties, working with Gypsy Creations to improve or enhance the services of this web site, in an effort to improve the online guest experience.

Collection of Personal Information
There will be occasions when Gypsy Creations will request personally identifiable information to provide site visitors with a specific service or specific accessibility to the site. This information-such as name, email address, company name, mailing address, or telephone number is collected and stored in a manner appropriate to the nature of the request, as determined by Gypsy Creations, to fulfill your needs. This information is never provided or sold to any third parties or other entities for any use whatsoever. The divulgence of this information to Gypsy Creations by the user is also strictly voluntary.

During the course of your visit to Gypsy Creations, you may find links to third-party web sites, not controlled by Gypsy Creations, such as those belonging to product dealers, merchants, or other artistic associations. Gypsy Creation's privacy statement does not extend to these third-party sites. It is always recommended that you review the privacy statements specific to any site before providing any personally identifiable information.

Information Collected via Cookies
Gypsy Creations does not use cookies.

Information Collected via Email
Users of this web site may decide to send Gypsy Creations personal information via email. Gypsy Creations will use this information only for the purpose identified in the email message and/or to enhance or improve our services to you, such as alerting you to services, industry events, and specials that may assist you in your artistic endeavors.

Privacy Statement Revisions
A revised Privacy Statement will only apply to data collected subsequent to its effective date. Gypsy Creations reserves the right to change, modify or update this statement at any time without notice.

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