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A Palette of Assorted Passion!


There are so many people that have supported me and inspired me at various intervals in my life. I hope that they know who they are, and that I love them all! I would like to name just a few, who have been of primary importance in the recent past:

Jim - My husband and soul mate. Without his constant insistence that I do what I love, my paintings and this site would not exist. He continues to save my life every day.

Sue Downs - My sister who always has followed her heart in everything she does, and inspires me to do so when she doesn't even realize it, from 3000 miles away.

Kayleigh - My beautiful stepdaughter, whose refreshing genuineness and beautiful innocence is art, all by itself. I love you Sweet Stuff!

The rest of my family - Dad, Mom, Kim, Janet, Mary El, and Jim Sr. Words can not convey how much your love, support, and encouragement over the past few years has meant to me.

Dr. Charles Kerber - My appreciation of your friendship and your support after my departure from the hospital may only be surpassed by your part in making sure that I left it.

Leah Cohen - My high school art teacher. I will never forget you!

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