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   A Palette of Assorted Passion!

More About Lisa, The Artist...


As a child and teenager, I fell in love with writing, music, and especially drawing and painting, and spent many hours creating portraits within my parent’s basement and taking art classes through my high school and via local art educational programs in Portland, Maine.

As a very impatient and success oriented young adult, with a knack for business and program management, I also wanted to find a lucrative career path that would afford me my independence, and a comfortable one at that! Then, it was my belief that “fine artists” only made money after they had long been buried. So, while I continued to admire the works of other artists, my full-time focus became more corporate world driven. This left me little time for painting, and as a result, I neglected my creative inclinations for many years.

About the time I moved to California in late 1995, I became increasingly restless with my lack of involvement in the arts. Sure, I went to the theater and to art exhibits, but never as a participant. The practicing artists' dedication to creation and the enjoyment that I have received from admiring their pieces began to light a fire within me, long put aside. I was also coming into a period in my life when doing what I loved, or at least attaining more of a balance between my unique dichotomy of creative and analytical strengths was becoming much more appealing.

In March of 2000, a catalyst occurred that while many describe it as “life changing”, can only be so if I continue to remind myself of the resulting realizations and take action to fulfill them. I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm, in an area of the brain from which the survival rate, free from morbidity, is less than 1% (the immediate death rate, well over 50%). With the love and support of family and friends, and with the extraordinary skill of my surgeons and medical staff at UCSD Medical Center in San Diego, I was one of those fortunate < 1%. A little over a year later, I committed myself to my determination to really live my artistic passion and paint again, at least on a part time basis.

Thank you for allowing me to share my creations with all of you!

Peace & Passion!


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